Social Media Graphic for Teacher Appreciation Week

The Congresswoman needed a way to connect with the teachers in her district and affirm her support for them, being a former school teacher herself. I flagged Teacher Appreciation Week on the calendar and created a social media graphic in Illustrator for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For the graphic, I decided to use green as the primary color because it symbolizes growth, which it is a teacher’s job to facilitate. To figure out the best colors to pair with green, I visited Dribbble’s color picker and looked through various color pairings that others had used. Ultimately, I settled on the kelly green shade for the background and a coral and tan for the schoolhouse and other text. On Teacher’s Week, I published this graphic that teachers in our district could not only like, but share with others. Publishing this graphic on Teacher Appreciation Week accomplished two things: (1) teachers liked the posts, acknowledging the Congresswoman’s support for educators; (2) because the graphic was elegant and aesthetically pleasing, it could be shared, spreading the news even further that the representative supports teachers.