Natalie & Dusty’s Wedding Invitation


Natalie & Dusty met as childhood friends when seven year old Natalie tried to kiss Dusty. They reconnected as adults & the rest is history. When it came time to plan their wedding, they came to me with a problem: they needed a unique way to let loved ones know the details of their nuptials. They needed a form of communication that would be accessible to the young and the old, and they wanted it to uniquely reflect their personality as a couple. After doing some research on my end, I suggested a customized printed wedding invitation that expressed the couple’s personalities and included their wedding colors. In the end, I shipped them the perfect wedding invitation that was complimented by young and old alike at their wedding and praised by one guest saying, “it totally reminds me of you and Dusty.”


  1. When Natalie came to me, I knew she & Dusty had a vision. I encouraged her to start a Pinterest board to share her ideas.
  2. After looking at Natalie’s board, I did extensive research to determine how I could incorporate her favorite ideas and put my own unique touches on the design.
  3. I drew sketches for the client, then videoed myself in Marco Polo explaining each one. The client responded by video, telling me which sketch was the couple’s favorite & additional elements they hoped to incorporate.
  4. Again I drew sketches & provided feedback. My clients picked their favorite & prioritized final components.
  5. Deep blue symbolized the couple’s strength. Saturating the piece with rich color was key as the budget wouldn’t accommodate thick paper – we relied on rich color to convey luxury instead.
  6. To communicate elegance, I used a script font for headlines & wide kerning in the body. The client loved the final design & received plentiful positive feedback from guests!