LiquidLabs Website



A cold press juicing boutique needed a way to promote itself to people who don’t naturally pass by their brick and mortar store on the way to work or when they’re out and about. I decided that the best solution for my client was to create a website with a focus on mobile users, because of my analysis of their average customer’s preferred browsing device. I conducted a competitive analysis, and then created a mockup of a visually appealing & clean website that would persuade users to create a flavor profile & order juice.


  1. I studied my client’s vision & fashioned an objective & strategy. Then I created a word map to inspire the direction of my design.
  2. To determine competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and how my client could differentiate itself, I reviewed the websites of other juicing businesses.
  3. Using my word maps and competitive analysis, I created multiple mood boards focused on certain words to help me visualize the images & colors I wanted to use for the client’s website.
  4. I produced wireframe mockups with generous padding & minimal text to create a calm, luxurious feel.
  5. To help me begin building the final website and decide on a color scheme, I completed an audience analysis.
  6. I built the website around the photos that best displayed my client’s products & showcased the color schemes that I had chosen to describe the brand. I aimed for an airy feel with plenty of white space, to convey a calm and minimalist vibe to a young customer demographic.