End-of-Year Infographic


The Congresswoman needed a fresh and unexpected way to communicate to her constituents how involved she had been in the district in the past year. So I worked together with her caseworkers to discover how many cases she had solved (issues constituents have a problem with the VA or Social Security Administration), our staff assistant on how many calls we had received in the past year, our legislative correspondent to find how many letters she sent, and our legislative staff to determine how many meetings she had. After that, I proposed several solutions to our team and we settled on the idea of an infographic. I researched infographics online and pinned my favorites. After that, I made a rough draft for my chief of staff and showed him my proposed colors, layout, and numbers that we would highlight. He approved it and I went to work, creating the layout in Illustrator and creating custom icons for the various aspects of the infographic. In the end, the infographic served as the perfect solution to let the Congresswoman’s constituents know how hard the she had worked all year and was something fresh and exciting that her constituents had not experienced before.