Drug Free Missouri Logo


The Congresswoman toured Missouri high schools on a campaign called “Drug Free Missouri,” where she encouraged school assemblies to live a drug-free life. Her district director needed a way to tie together her powerpoint presentation with any resources the Congresswoman planned to distribute, including a pamphlet and contact numbers for drug recovery organizations. I decided to brand the tour with orange and blue colors to reflect vitality and renewal, along with a logo to symbolize hope for the future. I created a powerpoint template using these colors and the logo I created, matching letterhead, and branding for all the print materials the Congresswoman distributed. This branding set the tone for the tour, communicated relevance to the students, established the legitimacy for the Congresswoman’s campaign, and smoothly united all the disparate parts of her presentation. 


  1. I met with the client to find out the purpose of the logo & how it would be used.
  2. To construct a strategy, I made a word map of terms I associated with the Member’s initiative and wrote down the objective of the logo.
  3. The research stage was the most time-consuming, but looking at competing logos was instrumental in helping me finalize what I did and didn’t want out of the end product. I googled, searched Pinterest, and pinned my favorite ideas and symbols along the way.
  4. I chose blue to represent freedom & renewal. The shade is the same as the Member’s website to ensure branding continuity. I chose orange to represent vitality and life, as the Congresswoman encouraged students to choose a bright future over one weighed down by drug abuse.
  5. In preparation for client review, I constructed four sketches & wrote down my thoughts. The client picked a favorite & I went to work in Illustrator.
  6. I finalized the logo, tweaked it to respond to the Congresswoman’s concerns, & finalized it for her assemblies. The readability was great and the district director said the branding made “everything go together” and “look really professional.”